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Focus on Printing28 years in the industryProvide all kinds of printing products customization services, and comprehensively solve all kinds of differential printing solutions

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Our six advantagesPrinting brand image promotes brand value

  • 01 Zhonghui paper packaging focuses on packagingMore than 16 years
  • Committed to packaging and printing, product image upgrading. It mainly focuses on the printing and packaging of exquisite picture album, color page poster, color box packaging and printing, gift handbag, desk calendar, self-adhesive label, greeting card invitation, document form, multiple carbon free copy, letter envelope, notebook and other paper categories.

  • 02 high quality creative team,Meet various printing needs
  • We have many printing professionals who have been engaged in printing for more than ten years. We are able to make printing planning plans according to the needs of customers, aiming to meet the needs of customers and help enterprises launch marketing offensive.

  • 03 cost optimization,Give you the best price / performance
  • Innovative printing supply chain, one-stop from raw material procurement to production process, through layer upon layer optimization, to ensure the quality and reduce the cost to the extreme. More efficient and high quality products. Win market opportunities for customers and create higher business value.

  • 04 productionfully reinforced6-8 days rapid sample and delivery
  • The standardized workshop covers an area of nearly 10000 square meters, with highly skilled senior printing technologists, equipped with global high-end printing machines and automatic processing equipment, and systematic inspection equipment control. With 6-8 days of rapid delivery, the products are guaranteed to be high-quality products.

  • 05 real timeProgress monitoring
  • The customized project management tool for progress supervision enables you to have a general view of the whole situation; one-to-one customer specialist makes real-time report on each key point, systematically monitors and follows up on the platform, effectively implements the printing process, and comprehensively controls the production process.

  • 06 provideOne stop service
  • The 7 * 24-hour logistics distribution directly covers Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and South China, and the service is well-known.
    Professional after-sales service team, intimate service, regular follow-up after-sales situation, to solve all problems for you.

    Zhonghui paper products - one stop customized service processLet youprovincemoneyprovinceheartprovincepower


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    AboutPreferred brand of paper products

      Guangzhou Zhonghui Color Printing Co.,Ltd. was established in 1993,is now renamed Guangzhou Zhonghui Paper Packaging Co., Ltd. After 28 years of entrepreneurial expansion,today Zhonghui has moved into... [View Details]


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